industrial editions

The collection “Mind Your Plate”  is a series of porcelain plates where the decoration plays a significant role. “Mind” means intellect, consciousness, but also to watch out for something, do something.

A seemingly ordinary, simple lines and geometric patterns are not typical decoration on plates. There are games that stimulate your mind to work and concentrate.

Mind Your Plate

Decal graphics are based on the traditional logic puzzles: Chinese tangram invented more than 3,000 years ago and the ancient maze. They provoke the brain to exercise, develop spatial imagination, learn logical thinking, tend to seek solutions while allowing productive use of  time while waiting for a meal and thus opening the field to play.
Even small children can solve the puzzles.

In addition, a series of “Tangram” has the box printed with templates to cut out the individual elements enabling to start the game immediately.


The “Cobalt” collection.

The method of decorating porcelain with salts of cobalt has a long history. Always hand painted never could bring consistency in application of the motifs. Historically highly appreciated, in modern times lost its value due to the demand of perfection and repetition in porcelain production. Finally the process was completely abandoned in Cmielow- the oldest and the only Polish porcelain manufacturer which used this technique.

In 1996 while travelling to Poland and visiting various factories together with Marek Cecula we rediscovered this method and created a collection Touch of Blue for Modus Design. The aim was not to be perfect and repetitive, the aim was to find a contemporary solution for applying salts of cobalt onto industrial dishes the way it would be valuable again and suitable for contemporary receivers. This is how we came up with the idea of dipping the dishes in cobalt. Each identical plate received a unique dip that underlined the beauty and pureness of white, glossy porcelain. Then the experimentation went on and I started to splash the purple, toxic liquid on plates loosely assembled on the floor. This is how Blue Splash series came to life.

Recently, In 2013, under the leadership of Marek Cecula, Cmielow Design Studio was created, where experimentation started to bubble and many new exciting designs are being made. Salts of cobalt are being used again, the old beautiful craft is brought back to life by artists and designers who collaborate with the Studio.