studio editions

Dictator Teapot, 2000

This teapot is created to serve left & right handed people.
The handle works as a spout and opposite.
Comes with two different lids. Limited in production.

Volcano Vases, 2010

Created together with Bobby Silverman, the vases tell the story
about controlling all natural forces- earth, fire, air and water.
The right amount of each can result in beautifully crafted object,
while uncontrolled they can be an awesome source of destruction.


Kum Kum and Kulfon, 2001

Crated with Marek Cecula, for Modus Design, these joyful, funny yet functional objects
are the perfect representation of a matter changing state from liquid to solid.
Liquid plaster was poured into rubber (a glove and a condom) and shaped after hardening.
As a result we’ve got forms that always bring smile to peoples faces :))) and can cheer up every table.