industrial production

Design of the forms: 2014
Industrial completion: 2016

The Ribbon was designed for the Polish oldest porcelain manufacturer Cmielow (currently Polish Porcelain Factories “Ćmielów” & “Chodzież” JSC) and is the result of contemporary interpretations of classic forms of tableware.

They are designed for modern, yet  sensitive customer with class, who values elegance and subtlety.
Smooth and delicate elements give the collection chic and sophisticated character. Handles carved in the shape of ribbons harmoniously blend the flowing,
oval forms of the dishes, suggesting movement and lightness.

The version with finish in noble gold emphasizes a harmonious line of the tableware and links to the centuries-old tradition of hand-decorated porcelain.

United Table of Europe

A series of decorations on industrial dishes designed for Polish Porcelain Factories “Ćmielów” & “Chodzież” JSC

United Table of Europe is porcelain tabletop series with patterns inspired by different European cultures
that together form an eclectic set up and can be composed in various ways.
United Table of Europe is a new Mix and Match collection that contains traditional and classic motifs from 6 European regions
offering a creative pallet of dishes for various table compositions to form new exciting arrangements.
United Table of Europe invites to rituals, feasts, communication and dialogue. It promotes friendship, solid relationships and unity.
This is the beginning  of a diverse landscape that will grow and change while new decorations will be continuously added.